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Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Members and new voyages!

The month of November is starting out big for IYOA with possibly 2 new members joining the ranks and new pictures to share from myself (Barrett Hochhaus) and Curt Stokes.

My Musashi took to the water last Sunday and made for some of the best pictures I have yet taken of her!

Curt Stokes has contributed some fine detailed shots of the insides of his Yamato which I will be adding to the gallery and his personal page in the near future.

On a more important note, we may be welcoming 3 new members with R/C Yamatos soon. 2 of them I found on, and the third found our website while searching the internet!

The first 2 are Antony Lineberger and a gentleman I know only as Grant who uses the handlename Uboatbuilder on the forum. Grant wants to wait a bit before posting pics, and Antony will be providing the biographical data hopefully soon.

The 3rd individual is known as Bradley Risk (as in the board game???). Anyway, he writes in to say he got a partially built Nichimo Yamato, but needs a copy of the instruction booklet before he can finish her. Maybe those of us with Nichimo kits can contribute??

Anyway, I hope to be getting the data on these members as soon as possible and bring that information to you all!

Barrett Hochhaus

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