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Sunday, October 01, 2006


After 1 and a half months of construction, the newest member of the IYOA, R.C.S. MUSASHI made her Maiden Voyage on Dobdon Lake in Mesa, AZ!

The voyage began at 10:00am on Sunday, October 1 2006. It lasted until about 11:15. Only 2 rechargable batteries were required, as the Musashi is very miserly.

There were a number of sailboats to share the lake with the "Moose". Dobson Lake is the home of the MMYC boat club after all. Musashi even participated in a rescue mission for one of the sailboats which was snagged on a bouy.

All in all, it was an extremely successful voyage, with no complaints. Nothing went wrong, and the leak in her aft hull was sealed sufficiently. Over the course of future voyages, we will see detail added to the ship, making her a better and bette model. For now though, I am just happy to have a successful start to what should be a long sailing life!

Barrett Hochhaus

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